Microsoft’s New CoPilot+ PCs & Windows Recall Feature

Rich talked about going to Seattle for two Microsoft events. One focused on their new CoPilot+ PCs and the other was the Microsoft Build developer conference.

Rich talked about the new Recall feature on Windows computers that remembers everything on your screen.

Bill in Julian wants a printer that he can print with from his phone but has no WiFi. Rich suggests looking for a printer with WiFi Direct capabilities. Bill mentioned he has a car with a record player!

Rick in Pasadena isn’t happy about the T-Mobile price hike, especially since he’s on a plan with a price lock guarantee.

Ben Bajarin, CEO and Principal Analyst at Creative Strategies, to talk about Microsoft CoPilot+ PCs and the Microsoft Build conference.

Michelle in Long Beach is getting an error on her iPhone even when she tries to buy a free app.

Want a Samsung SmartTag2 Bluetooth tracker for $1 instead of the $30 it usually costs? Matt Swider of The Shortcut has the deal.

Google is having issues with its new AI Overviews feature.

Tim in San Francisco is looking for guidance on developing his mobile app idea.

Rich is super impressed with Google Photo’s Unblur feature, which is available on Pixel 7 and up and rolling out to other devices now.

John in San Clemente wants to know how to take a photo of a menu in Europe and have his phone translate it. Rich recommends Apple’s Translate app, Google Translate and even ChatGPT!

Don’t fall for Scareware! Here’s what to do if you see a pop-up that says your smartphone is infected with viruses.

Tim Stevens, freelance automotive journalist, to talk about his recent article about EV Myths.

Debbie in Fallbrook, CA can’t get clear images texted to her phone anymore.

Southwest Airlines prices are now displayed on Google Flights.

Hal in Florida asks how to learn to use AI like ChatGPT.

Sharon in Lake Stevens, Washington, doesn’t want to pay for cloud storage. Rich recommends Amazon Photos if you have Prime and Sandisk USB drives.

Gina in Riverside wants to share thoughts on the wild wild west of the Internet.

Scarlett Johansson says OpenAI’s “Sky” voice sounded too much like her.

Nomi AI CEO Alex Cardinell will talk about AI companions and the growth of AI chatbots as friends (and lovers)

Microsoft is teaming up with Khan Academy to give teachers a helpful free AI tool called Khanmigo.

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