IT Meltdown Lessons, Best Streaming Services, and iOS 18 Public Beta

Samsung Unpacked, Defending Your Data & Dark Patterns Explained

Rich recaps Samsung Unpacked Paris.

Rich talks to media and creators, including Bob O’Donnell, Rebecca Iassaics, Parker Burton, Enobong Etteh and Lance Ulanoff at Samsung Unpacked in Paris to get their take on the announcements

Sally is wondering how to deal with roaming in China and getting her apps to work. Mentioned: VPN info, eSIM info.

AT&T says a massive data breach got customer call records. Check to see if your account was impacted here.

Surfshark has a new service called Alternative Number, which can help protect your real phone number.

Dori in Westlake Village is curious if the Samsung Ring can be worn on a toe. oura says no.

Mark in Woodland Hills wants a WiFi-based phone line. Mentioned Ooma and MagicJack.

The FTC and partners find that apps and websites use a lot of dark patterns to get us to subscribe and give up more personal information than we need to.

Microsoft is raising prices for its Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Shopping Expert Trae Bodge shares smart tips to maximize this year’s Amazon Prime Day.

Mentioned: Yahoo Shopping, Google Shopping, Coupon Cabin, CamelCamelCamel

Here’s my page with Amazon Prime Day tips, tricks, and deals that I like.

Sue wants a smartphone that’s good for her dad, who is nearly blind. Rich mentioned the blindshell.

Google is making its Dark Web Monitoring service available to all for free. Start with the Results about you, and the dark web feature will come later this month.

Rich had his first RCS text message conversation and says it will greatly improve messaging between iPhones and Androids.

Clark from Lancaster is looking for tips on improving his WiFi. Rich mentioned ensuring the router is out in the open and not near any interfering electronics. Also, try a WiFi Analyzer app.

Spectrum is raising prices on TV and internet.

Willem Van de Mierop, co-founder of the Oko App, which helps the visually impaired safely cross streets.

Apple and Google lau

Summer Tech Roundup: Foldable Phones, AI Music Lawsuit, and EV Innovations

Rich talked about the summer of foldable phones, with upcoming events from Samsung in Paris and an early event from Google in Mountain View.

Amazon is holding a Prime Day on July 16-17, 2024.

Rich talks to organizers and attendees at Vidcon 2024.

Major music companies are suing AI music makers Suno and Udio.

Jeri has an Epson printer and she refilled it and now it won’t print.

Andrew in Huntington Beach needs to use speakerphone on his iPhone since the earpiece no longer works. Use the Call Routing Accessibility feature.

TeamViewer was hacked, but it only affected their corporate IT department, not consumers.

Chris Mattmann, talks about his new role as Chief Data & Artificial Intelligence Officer at UCLA.

Xbox cloud gaming is coming to the Amazon Fire TV stick.

Leeza in Hollywood wants to remove her son from her Microsoft family group.

Mike in Austin has issues with his printers not connecting to his router.

Ookla’s latest report reveals the carrier with the best 5G performance in the United States.

Verizon unveils a new logo.

Google is discontinuing its Stack PDF Scanner app. Alternatives are the Google Drive Scan shortcut or Adobe Scan for iOS and Android.

Volkswagen is investing up to $5 billion in Rivian.

Chargely is a useful EV charging and route planning app.

Tire Rack evaluates nine tires to see which ones perform best for EVs.

Bob Carpenter, President and CEO, GS1 US, talks about the 50th anniversary of the barcode.

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VPN Advice & Vinyl Records

Rich talks about the challenges of technology and acting as tech support for friends and family members. Make a QR Code so visitors can connect your guest wifi network easily.

See highlights of my NJ/NYC trip here on Instagram.

Tony in Van Nuys wants to know what to look for in a VPN. Mentioned free VPN from Proton.

Thomas in Carlsbad needs help with his mesh network.

Rich appeared on a NYC billboard and you can too by downloading the TSX app.

Nicole in Los Angeles wants to know if it’s better to repair the screen on her 2019 MacBook Pro or get a new one.

myCharge is recalling 567,000 Power Hub portable chargers sold at Costco due to fire risk.

AT&T is raising prices on older unlimited plans by at least $10 a month.

Martin in Anza should he still use his iPhone 7 or get a new Nokia flip. You could also turn it into a security camera.

Rich mentioned he still loves the Google Pixel 8a smartphone for just $500.

Jamie in Torrance has a question about chargers that can handle multiple Apple devices at once.

Ryan McLeod, creator of Apple Design Award-winning game Blackbox.

Ron in Laguna Niguel has a question about scrubbing your personal information from the web. Google Results About You is an excellent free service. Delete Me has some good DIY opt-out guides.

California rejects AT&T’s bid to end its landline obligations.

Amazon is phasing out plastic air pillows in its deliveries.

Lifehacker has a way to help you reach a real person at Amazon Customer Service quickly.

If you have a car with electronic doors, get to know where the manual release is.

Vinyl or Digital? Comment here.

Derek Ting, co-founder and CEO of TextNow.

Terry wants a free iPad app for drawing. Rich recommends Apple Pages, also check out Sketchbook, and ProCreate, although they might not be fully free. Justing recommended Photopea on desktop.

Thanks to my brother Justin for joining me on the show.

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iOS 18 & Apple Intelligence

Rich detailed new features coming soon to iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence.

Steve from Pittsburgh asked about eSIMs for international travel. Rich mentioned Airalo (use my code RICH5375 for $3 off), GigSky’s FREE 100 MB eSIM and Saily.

Microsoft is delaying its AI Recall feature.

Tony in Los Angeles is curious about the iPhone’s Live Voicemail.

Sue in the Pacific Palisades is concerned Fall Detection on the Apple Watch isn’t working properly.

Bret in Laamar, Colorado shares his Apple ID with his wife and now they get shared voicemails and call logs. Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Under APPS USING ICLOUD, tap Show All > Toggle Phone & FaceTime off

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE launches June 24, 2024 for $199. An LTE version arrives in October.

Rich detailed prominent changes are coming to Apple Watch, iPads, macOS computers, and Apple Vision Pro.

TechCrunch listed the third-party apps that Apple is “sherlocking” with its own versions baked into operating systems.

Alan in Santa Clarita is worried that a shared iCloud album is taking up too much storage space.

Mike in Corona is concerned that software updates are changing the functionality of his apps.

Journalists at Apple’s WWDC discuss the announcements that stand out most to them.

Jerry in Rancho Santa Margarita is having issues with his iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Dad Can’t Draw is a website that instantly creates custom coloring book pages for kids.

Olivia in Huntington Beach needs to connect one mouse and keyboard to various computers and monitors. Rich mentioned a KVM Switch, Mouse Without Borders and ShareMouse.

Hal in Simi Valley is having trouble preserving formatting when copying and pasting tables from a website.

Jay in Lancaster has a Logitech M720 that can run multiple computers simultaneously.

Matthew S. Smith, freelance tech journalist, discusses what to look for when buying a computer monitor. Here’s his buying guide.

Yahoo Mail gets a modern makeover with AI-powered features.

You can now renew your passport online.

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Google Pixel 8a Review & Unique Motion Sensor

Rich mentioned two helpful travel sites in his Newsletter: PointsYeah allows you to search across multiple points and rewards programs at once for flights and hotels, and Turbli allows you to check the turbulence forecast for your flight.

Rich says the Nothing Ear buds are excellent.

Rich talked about portable chargers for your smartphone. The more mAh, the more charges you’ll get (10,000 is a good bet); look for USB-C charging in AND out for faster charging. Anker and Belkin are good bets.

Keith in Andover, Kansas wants to know which AI to use. Rich likes ChatGPT for general, overall chatbot activities, Gemini for access to real-time information and the web, Claude for excellent language and summarization skills, CoPilot for creativity and Perplexity AI for “book reports” on a topic.

Roxton in Ventura is having issues with his Moto 5G.

Instagram is testing unskippable ads.

Netflix is ending support for second and third-generation Apple TVs on July 31, 2024.

Jay from Woodland Hills has a Samsung S10 and wants to put an AirTag equivalent in his car and wants to know which one. You want a tag that works on Android’s Find My Device network. Rich says to look at Chipolo and Pebblebee but the shipping times are delayed.

Sean in La Costa, CA wants to switch back to an Android after using an iPhone for a bit. Rich recommends iMazing, AltTunes and SMS Backup & Restore.

Apple says it will support the iPhone 15 and later models for at least 5 years, but historically, they have done software updates for six years.

Rich highly recommends the $500 Pixel 8a if you want a great smartphone with clean software and an excellent camera.

Carol in Los Angeles is wondering how she should protect her credit and identity. Rich mentioned WalletHub and and consider freezing credit reports. You can also request your Lexis Nexus profile.

Drew Binsky, a travel YouTuber who has visited every country in the world, will discuss his new book called Just Go. He mentioned tech tools including Google Maps Offline Mode, Airalo for eSIMs, GetYourGuide and

Google's AI Mishap & the Fitbit Ace LTE

Rich discusses how Google’s new AI Overviews feature got out of control and how the company plans to improve it.

Here’s the latest issue of Rich’s newsletter. Sign up using your email to get it in your inbox.

Mark in Lomita asks about a dash cam under $200. Rich mentioned Nexar, Vantrue & VAVA.

The FBI helped to take down a major international botnet. Here’s how to check if your computer had malicious VPN software installed.

John in Fallbrook has an Arlo Pro camera that won’t connect to his WiFi.

Terysa in Harrisburg, PA asks how password managers work.

Fran in Studio City has questions about a new TV.

Google has unveiled a smartwatch for kids called the Fitbit ACE LTE. The one thing to know is that the smartwatch is cellular connected but not assigned a traditional phone number. All calls and messaging are handled through the Fitbit app.

Amazon partners with Grubhub to give Prime members free Grubhub+ indefinitely, and you can now place orders through the Amazon app.

Dan in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA needs to change his passwords. Rich recommends using the Google Password Manager on Chrome and iPhone.

JP Schmetz, CEO of Ghostery, digital privacy expert and advocate, will discuss tools, browsers, AI privacy, and legislation like the American Privacy Rights Act.

“Granny” wants to know the best antivirus software for her Windows computer.

Android devices are being enrolled in Google’s new Find My Device network. Here’s the opt-out page.

Ed in Las Vegas wants to know if there’s a difference between Amazon Music Prime and Unlimited.

Anil Sabharwal of Google Fitbit will discuss the company’s new connected smartwatch for kids, the FitBit Ace LTE.

You can now find games to play on YouTube.

Philo now offers a free level of its streaming service with 70+ ad-supported channels; no credit card is required.

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Microsoft’s New CoPilot+ PCs & Windows Recall Feature

Rich talked about going to Seattle for two Microsoft events. One focused on their new CoPilot+ PCs and the other was the Microsoft Build developer conference.

Rich talked about the new Recall feature on Windows computers that remembers everything on your screen.

Bill in Julian wants a printer that he can print with from his phone but has no WiFi. Rich suggests looking for a printer with WiFi Direct capabilities. Bill mentioned he has a car with a record player!

Rick in Pasadena isn’t happy about the T-Mobile price hike, especially since he’s on a plan with a price lock guarantee.

Ben Bajarin, CEO and Principal Analyst at Creative Strategies, to talk about Microsoft CoPilot+ PCs and the Microsoft Build conference.

Michelle in Long Beach is getting an error on her iPhone even when she tries to buy a free app.

Want a Samsung SmartTag2 Bluetooth tracker for $1 instead of the $30 it usually costs? Matt Swider of The Shortcut has the deal.

Google is having issues with its new AI Overviews feature.

Tim in San Francisco is looking for guidance on developing his mobile app idea.

Rich is super impressed with Google Photo’s Unblur feature, which is available on Pixel 7 and up and rolling out to other devices now.

John in San Clemente wants to know how to take a photo of a menu in Europe and have his phone translate it. Rich recommends Apple’s Translate app, Google Translate and even ChatGPT!

Don’t fall for Scareware! Here’s what to do if you see a pop-up that says your smartphone is infected with viruses.

Tim Stevens, freelance automotive journalist, to talk about his recent article about EV Myths.

Debbie in Fallbrook, CA can’t get clear images texted to her phone anymore.

Southwest Airlines prices are now displayed on Google Flights.

Hal in Florida asks how to learn to use AI like ChatGPT.

Sharon in Lake Stevens, Washington, doesn’t want to pay for cloud storage. Rich recommends Amazon Photos if you have Prime and Sandisk USB drives.

Gina in Riverside wants to share thoughts on the wild wild west of the Internet.

Scarlett Johansson says OpenAI’s “Sky” voice sounded too much like her.

Nomi AI CEO Alex Cardinell will talk about AI companions and the growth of AI chatbots as friends (and lovers)

Microsoft is teaming up with Khan Academy to give teachers a helpful free AI tool called Khanmigo.

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AI Wars, NFL on Netflix & Tech Accessibility

Rich talks about the AI war between ChatGPT and Google.

Manny in Covina wants to know how much an old computer textbook is worth.

Netflix signed a three-year deal with the NFL; they’ll start by showing two games on Christmas Day 2024.

Mark in San Diego is getting rid of DSL and wants to know if Internet Air is reliable. Rich says to compare what’s available in his area using SpeedTest’s ISP tool. Also, check to see what the AT&T internet speed is on your smartphone using or an app called Meteor.

Twitter has completed its rebranding to, and now all URLs point to X.

Microsoft’s Free PC Manager makes it easy to free up storage space, clear cache and find duplicate files.

Kathy in Orange County can’t find the voice input on her keyboard ever since she updated her Samsung phone.

Kate wants to know about traveling to the UK. The best apps for taxi rides, walking tours and a guided Beatles tour. Rich recommends checking out Mindtrip.AI and GuideGeek.AI for the answers. Google is also launching an AI trip planner soon.

Samsung, Google and Apple all have new accessibility features.

Angie in Los Angeles is looking for a simple phone for an 80-year-old family member. Rich mentioned looking at dumbwireless for ideas, blindshell phones and Samsung’s Easy Mode.

Wen in Yorba Linda wants to know if they should use an iPad Air, iPad or MacBook Air M1 for general web browsing.

Rick in Torrance wants to know if the Pixel Watch 2 is suitable for heart rate monitoring.

C. Scott Brown, Senior Editor at Android Authority, will discuss Google IO 2024.

Hugo shared an update about the Sonos app redesign.

Linda in Burbank says her landline is vital. California might not approve AT&T’s application to end its Carrier of Last Resort designation.

Rich mentioned a handy website with working promo codes called SimplyCodes.

Rich discussed various tools to help you “listen” to articles on your phone including the free ElevenLabs Reader app, plus PocketSpeechifyGoogle Reading Mode for Android and Safari’s Listen to Page. You can also ask Siri to “read this” while on an article.

John in Utica, NY was wondering how to see when a file was created vs modified.

Jenny Blackburn, VP of UX for Gemini Experiences and Google Assistant, explains how to use Google Gemini AI assistant.

Apple's New iPads & A Free Cell Phone Plan

Rich remembers his colleague Sam Rubin.

Apple unveiled new iPads at an event called Let Loose. We saw new iPad Air and Pro models, a new Apple Pencil Pro, and updated Final Cut and Logic Pro apps.

Jeff, in Fort Worth, Texas, is trying to connect LED lights that use 2.4 GHz to his Google Nest Wifi.

Chris Sheldrick, creator of the app What3words, will explain how to use it to tell someone your exact location using simple words.

Samsung is rolling out Galaxy AI features to more devices, including the S22 Series, the Z Flip 4, the Z Fold4, and Tab S8.

John in Lake Forest and his Mom is addicted to home shopping channels. Is there is a way to restrict them. Rich says to check parental controls on the device.

Serphane in Studio City wants a TV with dedicated bright and dim buttons. Rich says a universal remote might do the trick to quickly change the settings.

Marcel in Brooklyn wants to know how to lock down his social media accounts like Instagram. Rich recommends being aware of scam messages trying to hijack your password and turning on two-factor authentication using an app.

Craig in Iowa wants to know how to find the AI features on his Samsung S24 phone.

Brad in West Los Angeles wants to know how to connect the iPhone 15 in Europe.

WSJ says T-Mobile and Verizon are in talks to split up U.S. Cellular towers and spectrum.

Eli Blumenthal of CNET joined to explain how your cell phone carrier tracks you and how to change that.

Rich in Colorado Springs wants to know when to use a VPN.

Linda in Burbank wants to know what will happen to the MVNO carriers when there are just three big networks in the United States.

Rich talked about Moms and technology, 47% own a smartwatch, 43% listen to a podcast weekly and spend an average of 4 hours and 4 minutes online daily.

Textnow has an interesting new plan called Free Essential Data, which gives you free access to text, talk, and essential data for email, maps, and rideshare apps.

Google unveils the Pixel 8a for $500 and it gets seven years of software updates.

Olga wants to know how to get her phone un-hacked. Rich mentioned Recovery Mode.

Gary in Laguna Nigel has an Amazfit watch and wants to know if he can use it without his phone nearby.

Allconnect has a great article about 5G Home Internet explained!

Michael Motamedi will talk about how he traveled the world for a year using AI from GuideGeek.

Disney, Hulu and Max will have a bundle soon.

Apple releases a security update for iTunes on Windows.

Don’t fall for the Stolen iPhone Activation Lock Scam.

Richard in Hilton, NY recommended the