Google Pixel 8a Review & Unique Motion Sensor

Rich mentioned two helpful travel sites in his Newsletter: PointsYeah allows you to search across multiple points and rewards programs at once for flights and hotels, and Turbli allows you to check the turbulence forecast for your flight.

Rich says the Nothing Ear buds are excellent.

Rich talked about portable chargers for your smartphone. The more mAh, the more charges you’ll get (10,000 is a good bet); look for USB-C charging in AND out for faster charging. Anker and Belkin are good bets.

Keith in Andover, Kansas wants to know which AI to use. Rich likes ChatGPT for general, overall chatbot activities, Gemini for access to real-time information and the web, Claude for excellent language and summarization skills, CoPilot for creativity and Perplexity AI for “book reports” on a topic.

Roxton in Ventura is having issues with his Moto 5G.

Instagram is testing unskippable ads.

Netflix is ending support for second and third-generation Apple TVs on July 31, 2024.

Jay from Woodland Hills has a Samsung S10 and wants to put an AirTag equivalent in his car and wants to know which one. You want a tag that works on Android’s Find My Device network. Rich says to look at Chipolo and Pebblebee but the shipping times are delayed.

Sean in La Costa, CA wants to switch back to an Android after using an iPhone for a bit. Rich recommends iMazing, AltTunes and SMS Backup & Restore.

Apple says it will support the iPhone 15 and later models for at least 5 years, but historically, they have done software updates for six years.

Rich highly recommends the $500 Pixel 8a if you want a great smartphone with clean software and an excellent camera.

Carol in Los Angeles is wondering how she should protect her credit and identity. Rich mentioned WalletHub and and consider freezing credit reports. You can also request your Lexis Nexus profile.

Drew Binsky, a travel YouTuber who has visited every country in the world, will discuss his new book called Just Go. He mentioned tech tools including Google Maps Offline Mode, Airalo for eSIMs, GetYourGuide and

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